iPlay Piano will let you get a feel for the ivories

iPlay Piano
Playing an instrument always seems so appealing until you actually start practicing. You can’t just go from beginner to professional in one day, or one year for that matter. It takes a lot of learning, messing up, and try, try again mentality. Getting a teacher is pretty expensive, and thankfully we now have YouTube, where there are tutorials galore. However, getting your hands on a beginner instrument can be expensive. If you’re wanting to play piano, you also have to worry about it taking up a lot of space.

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Trent Airbender 2.0 ensures your iPad Air is well protected

trent-airbenderThe world did more or less stop in its tracks earlier this week, as Apple made an announcement which touched on not one, but two iPads – the iPad Air that is thinner and lighter than ever before despite being more powerful, alongside the iPad mini with Retina display, a feature that iPad mini users have been hoping for to arrive for quite some time already. Well, this can only mean one thing – the potentially huge number of people who will be upgrading to the iPad Air would also need a slew of new accessories to go along with their device, and this is where the Trent Airbender 2.0 would be able to step up to the challenge.

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iPad mini sports the long awaited Retina display

ipad-mini-retinaI guess you can say that it has been a long time in coming. Apple, a company that refused to introduce smaller sized tablets in the 7” realm when their founder, Steve Jobs, was still alive, touting that such a tablet segment would be “dead on arrival”, made a U-turn after Steve Jobs’ demise in order to roll out a smaller 7.9” iPad mini. Well, the iPad mini did work well as a regular tablet, but that was at a time when Apple’s sway on the tablet market proved to be exceedingly strong. We have since seen Android-powered tablets such as the Nexus range that carried incredible display resolutions, so Apple has “replied” with the introduction of the new iPad mini with Retina display.

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Apple does it again by shaving millimeters off the iPad Air

ipad-airAnother year, another hardware refresh is on the cards, and this time around, Apple has decided to make sure that their iPad range would be on the receiving end up new updates. After all, the fourth generation iPad has been hanging around for quite some time already, so it would be nice to see a hardware refresh introduced in this area. Well, they have definitely not disappointed pundits, having announced a far thinner, lighter, and of course, more powerful iPad – calling it the iPad Air this time around.

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TruGlide Apex Fine Point Stylus will let you write legibly on an iPad

Touchscreen devices were pretty phenomenal when they first arrived on the scene. Now of course, we’re getting a bit pickier about how we interact with them. Games are better played with a separate controller as you don’t want to cover the screen, listening to music normally needs an external speaker, and you almost have to get a stylus if you want to be able to write rather than type.

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Hyperjuice 2 – Tech Charging Powerhouse!


I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but the steady approach of the end of October has me a little uneasy. For the past 2 years the Northwest has been hit, and hit hard, by snowstorms and hurricanes. The memories of sitting around for weeks without power still makes most folks a little uncomfortable. This year we’re ready (which of course means it’s not going to happen) but we’re ready nonetheless.

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Oyster Books – Because the World is your iPhone


I guess everyone knows by now that I’m a huge fan of subscription services. I love using Netflix and Amazon Prime for my movies, I use a service for my music too. Sure, I have a Roku Player, Internet TV and everything else that lets me sift through tons on content in the blink of an eye. The more the better, but what about my e-reader? When it comes to that, I pretty much get just one book at a time…

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iPhone / iPad Pocket Projector – Movie Theater, To Go


Everyone I know loves their iDevices, not all of them are simply Apple addicts, many of them just genuinely enjoy the whole iOS experience. I have to admit I do too, but I recognize some shortcomings that keep them from being truly excellent. I also have given some thought to what kind of accessories I would need to make the iPhone or iPad even more fun and useful.

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eleMount is an elegant way to mount your phone or tablet


Smartphones and tablets are great. They have so many uses that we would never have dreamed up even 10 years ago. Of course, to take full advantage of some of these features, you might need an accessory or two. Two of the more important accessories are stands and mounts. The latter is especially important if you frequently use your smartphone as a GPS. But with so many options on the market, which is the perfect one for you?

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iWALK announces The Executive portable Bluetooth keyboard

executiveHow productive are you with the iPad? Do you use it primarily to check your emails and attend to whatever outstanding emails that need a reply, and does it double up as your go-to device for gaming whenever you are on the move? If that is the case, then surely you would not need a peripheral like The Executive from iWALK, which arrives in the form of an extremely slim portable Bluetooth keyboard, complete with a kick stand that will be able to transform your iPad into a mobile workstation – with the right apps loaded beforehand, of course. Well, the iPad is not the only device to receive this benefit from The Executive, as it will also play nice with smartphones and other tablets, although I would think that you would be more productive with a keyboard on a tablet rather than a smartphone – since the screen size itself does affect usability by a large margin.

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