The iPad Paintbrush brings some artistic flare to digital painting

iPad Paintbrush
While we’ve all toyed around with MS Paint at least once or twice in our lives, there are artists who make a living off of doing digital paintings. They are skilled artisans just the same as any other branch of art, but they use a mouse and settings to get different brush strokes and colors. For all the artists out there that might consider switching from the tangible medium to the digital one, it can and would be a giant shift. Of course, it would also be nice not having to constantly buy more paint.

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SoundDew Wireless Speakers – for Whatever the Weather


Music brings a lot to everyday life. I believe everyones life has a soundtrack. I like to the mine is the kind of music you hear during a wine commercial, but it’s really not. Some days it’s a lot more Rob Zombie than Mozart. That being said, I love listening to some tunes almost everywhere I go, and the shower is no exception. So how about a water resistant, wireless speaker that can go almost anywhere?

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Tooks – Hats You Can Hear


Seems like headphones are all the rage this holiday season, all sorts of high dollar, over the ear headgear, or even special, custom made silicone earbuds. Most of them are way over-the-top in terms of cost, so they’re not going to be handed out to too many people on my Christmas list. I have to find something with cool-factor, that’s not going to break the bank.

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The Soundpad from Atoll improves upon a great idea

Being able to hear our music and television programs is rather important to us. Using your tablet as your main entertainment hub is good and well, but you’re likely going to want better speakers than what came standard on your device. Of course, this is merely one more gizmo to bring around with you. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our essential gadgets had every feature we wanted and came in a compact package?

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The Selfie – Hot New Phone Accessory


Oh, you’ve done it, and you know who you are. Out with friends, down at the beach, at your friendly neighborhood bar. You’ve pursed your lips, or stuck out your tongue while holding your iPhone at arms length  and snapped a picture of  yourself. Yup, the selfie… a powerful enough phenomenon to be named Oxford Dictionaries’ word for the year.

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Kensington hopes to increase iPad Air productivity with new KeyFolio keyboard cases

keyboard-cover-kensingtonAny purchase of a modern day smartphone or tablet would be incomplete if it does not come with the relevant kind of accessories to go along with it. The recently announced iPad Air would be a good example, and this might be the very reason that the folks over at Kensington has decided to do something about the situation. As a result, they have come up with a quartet of new iPad keyboard cases for the iPad Air, where each one of them will offer a superior keyboard experience that is touted to match a desktop keyboard when it comes to for comfort, accuracy, responsiveness, and convenience, while you are on the go, of course. The four keyboard cases would be the Kensington KeyFolio Pro, the Kensington KeyFolio Executive, the Kensington KeyCover Hard Case, and the Kensington KeyFolio Exact.

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iKettle – Control your kettle from your phone

Hot coffee, the elixir of early risers and sleepy people everywhere. Its hard to imagine a world without a nice cup of coffee waiting for us to soothe our souls, perk us up or bring us back to life. In a perfect world, coffee would make itself while I was still in bed and arrive at my bedside via a tall blonde bodybuilder with a subtle European accent of some kind. I can dream, can’t I?


In the meantime, there’s iKettle, allowing you to instantly control hot beverage making from anywhere in your house by using your iPhone. Simply set your system to Wake Mode, and the next morning you will be gently called to consciousness and asked if you would like to have the kettle on. ( not sure about the accent) If your answer is yes, you will later be asked if you’d like it to be kept warm. 

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