Turn your iPhone 5 into an FM Radio

We can listen to music in a variety of ways. It can be on our own device, where we cherry-pick what songs are on there with specific playlists, CDs or records which play only what’s on them, online music stations which are also determined by you, or the radio. The latter of these options has local and national news, commercials, special events, music picked by the host or callers, and the main use for most of us, is using this medium for information in times of emergency. Aside from having a radio in your car, most of us don’t really bother with getting something that specifically works as a radio.

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Touch Point Stylus can lend a helping hand in any situation

Touch point Stylus
Having a stylus is grand. You don’t get smudgy fingerprints all over the screen of your phone or tablet, and it’s far easier to write with. There are several hundred thousand different types of them though, with variation from fine-point tips to different shapes and colors. Some options are even multifunctional, with an ink pen or flashlight on the other end.

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CruxENCORE for iPad Air announced

cruxencoreThe folks over at CruxCase has just announced the CruxENCORE for iPad Air, which happens to be an innovative keyboard case that can turn your ordinary iPad Air into a Macbook lookalike, and this bad boy has just debuted on Kickstarter. CruxCase is well known for rolling out cutting-edge designs in the form of innovative iPad cases, hopes that this is going to be one successful Kickstarter campaign. In fact, the CruxENCORE happens to be a versatile rotating protective keyboard case for the iPad Air, where it will be able to turn it into a compact and powerful notebook. I suppose I am taking the word “powerful” here in a relative term, since the iPad Air is unable to run cool desktop titles such as the Call of Duty franchise and the likes.

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Felix introduces FlipStand and FlipStand mini iPad cases

felixFelix is not the black cartoon cat character, but rather, a company that churns out accessories for mobile devices. This time around, Felix is the company behind an iPad case which is extremely versatile and adaptable to its surroundings, namely the FlipStand and FlipStand mini. This is an ergonomic case which would enable users to locate the perfect angle required so that they can maximize the enjoyment of their device to its maximum potential, be it reading an e-book, watching a movie, browsing the Web, attending to your emails, or even chatting on FaceTime. In fact, the FlipStand boasts of a repertoire of 22 unique positions, while the FlipStand mini will be able to deliver up to 16 various angles to suit any and every occasion.

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Petnet SmartFeeder – Feed your Pet from Anywhere


Fido may be pretty good at hanging out at home, waiting for you to get back, but is he excited to have to wait for dinner? Is he eating too much? Let’s face it, over half the cats and dogs in the U.S. are overweight, and that fact leads to numerous health problems. There has got to be a better way to take control of your furry friend’s diet, and help to ensure their health and happiness.

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SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller is for the iOS gaming elite

There comes a time where you pass the threshold of simply being a gamer to one of the gaming elite. It takes a lot of practice, but once you’re there, you can’t really go back. You’re not only aware of issues within each game to a more severe degree, but you also understand how important your tools are when facing a foe of equal level.

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The Dyle Mobile TV Receiver – No WiFi, No Problem


Handheld technology is amazing. I have every gadget and gizmo available to keep me entertained,  but I don’t really like having to pay for content. I’ve been searching for a device that would act as a sort of personal DVR, that would allow me to record live TV and take it with me…Maybe I’ve been looking for the wrong thing!

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The iMpulse will make gaming and playing music on your phone much easier


We use our phones for just about everything. They play the part of taking and receiving calls of course, but we also have texting, games, answering emails, surfing the web, and listening to music. It has our whole lives hiding inside, and helps us to be more productive (if we choose to be). The only problem that many of us face, is that our screens and some of the controls on our phone are too small. That’s why many people have moved to phablets.

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