Tile – Tells You Where it’s At


I recently told you guys about iTrail, a nifty little electronic that lets you know what your kids, (or pets) are up to. I feel pretty prepared to keep tabs on them. What I have not mastered is the ability to keep track of my keys, phone and wallet! If I had a dollar for every time I had to yell to my family “has anyone seen my….?” I’d be a very rich woman indeed.

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MagBak lets you mount your iPad to any metal surface


There are hundreds of iPad accessories out there. If there’s something you want your tablet to do, there’s probably a case or add-on that will help you do it. My favorite accessories tend to be the ones that are so simple that you think they should have been a part of your device to begin with. This MagBak is definitely one of those things.

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MYO Armband – Control with the Snap of a Finger


I’m a huge fan of Sci-Fi, all the futuristic gizmos and gadgets get me dreaming about what life could be like one day. I’m especially drawn to movies with all that nifty gesture controlled tech stuff. (think Minority Report and Iron Man) I was pretty excited about Microsoft’s Kinect, but it wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned 10 years ago and I’m still waiting to be impressed. My time may have come… 

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SurfSound-PLAY waterproof speaker from Pyle Audio

surfsoundHow is your summer so far, for those of you who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, anyways? Is it all fun in the sunshine, and what kind of trips have you embarked upon with your family and friends, or heck, even done some solo adventuring? Well, other than good food on your travels, it is obvious that having the right kind of music can also help put you into the mood – as music is food for the soul. The thing is, not all consumer electronics devices were created equal, and that includes speakers and smartphones, which is why Pyle Audio has embarked on something which is slightly different – the SurfSound-PLAY waterproof speaker which we will describe in greater detail right after the jump.

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SMS Audio announces SYNC by 50 Wireless Speaker

sms-audioWireless speakers are definitely the way to go if you are a modern day kid – forget about this thing called the boombox that your parents kept on regaling you with tales of, those are old school. All you need these days would be a modern day smartphone, the right kind of tracks, and of course, a decent wireless speaker to share the joy of your favorite musical tracks with the rest of the world. While there are dime a dozen wireless speakers out there, you might want to narrow down your search and have quality rank high on your shopping list. Enter the SYNC BY 50 Wireless Speaker from SMS Audio, where it offers users the freedom to take studio mastered sound regardless of where you are.

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Props Repel Case ensures your iPad remains bone dry

Digital Treasures, now that is a name that some of us might associate it to have something to do with a pirate game or the ilk, but far from it – Digital Treasures has just announced the Props Repel Case for your iPad (it will play nice with the second generation iPad all the way to the latest model of Apple’s top selling tablet). Let’s face the new reality, carrying around a full fledged notebook is not going the trendiest way to do your work whenever you are outside, especially when such notebooks are heavy, and an Ultrabook, well, it ain’t that chic, either. What you want is something that is a snap to hold, and it can be tucked away easily,not to mention having the same kind of convenience in taking it out to use it in a jiffy. The iPad fits that category perfectly, and throw in a relatively long battery life, and you have quite the winner here. Thing is, what if you live a rough, outdoor lifestyle that might put your iPad at risk of drowning? This is where the Props Repel Case comes in handy.

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Shower Tunes plays your music in the tub

There are a lot of places where people like to listen to music. In the living room, in the car, at your desk, and of course, in the shower. Most of those places are easy to get music to, as there is usually a stereo or computer nearby. If there isn’t, you can always pop on some headphones and plug in your smartphone. Unfortunately, the shower isn’t somewhere that you want to stick an electronic device. However, what if there was a way to safely use your phone or tablet while in the shower?

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