Satechi GoRemote Bluetooth 4.0 waterproof remote control

Satechi-GoRemoteThe GoRemote Bluetooth 4.0 waterproof remote control from Satechi might not exactly be a common smartphone accessory out there, simply because it isn’t. Regardless, it does seem to shape up to be one of the more perfect accessories for iOS users who are on the go, coming in a convenient and compact form factor, which is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. This means it requires the help of the masses in order to raise the necessary amount of funds before it is realized on a production line somewhere.

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Tethercell – Take “Charge” of your Batteries


Oh how the world loves a battery… there aren’t too many toys or gadgets these days that don’t run thru a goodly supply of AA’s. That being said, I certainly wish I had a little more control over how these batteries were used, like how long my kid could play with her toys, or how long a lantern could be left on, or just to make sure things were turned off all the way in order to avoid wasting precious battery life . Yup. Battery control, that could be cool…

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LG Magic Remote announced

LG Electronics has just announced that they will be releasing an all-new Magic Remote for its range of Cinema 3D Smart TVs before CES 2013 kicks off in Las Vegas in a fortnight’s time. This redesigned device will adopt the enhanced language recognition capabilities which make executing commands a cinch, in a natural, interactive and conversational experience. Not only that, this all new design will also continue to employ a quartet of control options for your convenience – where they are voice, gesture, point, and wheel, and LG is touting this to be the most complete universal remote.

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hop! the following suitcase

True road warriors know that your hands are always needed. You figure the phone is in one hand, maybe a bag over the other shoulder with that hand also pulling your rollerboard. So where is the coffee supposed to go? And forget about grabbing a newspaper. Quite inconvenient. Needless to say, an extra hand would be convenient while going through airports.

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The UFO Power Center – It’s Time to Unplug “the Clapper”

I’m sure most of you remember “the Clapper” and in its day, the ability to turn a light on or off from across the room probably seemed pretty neat… but that was a long time ago, and it seems to me with all of our WiFi devices, we should be monitoring and controlling all kinds of stuff from wherever we want to, and now it’s easy.

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Ninja Remote Stealth Jammer – You Know You Want One

I don’t even battle for the TV clicker anymore. At first it was a true test of wills, a war I felt I had to win. I first lost the fight to my husband, and now to my nine year old kid. I can’t remember the last time I sat back with the remote in MY hand, in control of the evenings entertainment.

Well thats about to change! Welcome the Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget and IR Jammer, get back the power that you gave away such a long time ago. This nifty little device will help you annoy the crap out of your friends and enemies, spouses and kids, or just about anyone, anywhere you would like to stick it to them.

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Hands on with the iPad Handstand

Some of you might remember when we reported on the iPad Strap. At the risk of sounding cliche, I would say that the Handstand for the iPad is the iPad Strap on crack.

Actually, it’s the iPad Strap on some type of drug that makes you spin. The iPad Strap is a good way of keeping only one hand affixed to the iPad, so it can be used like a portable presentation board. The Handstand does that, but it allows you to spin the iPad on an axis with the hub at your palm. You can watch a video of it in action after the jump.

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XWave – What are you thinking?

The cool thing to have a while back was the Mindflex Game, I was aware of the technology behind it well before we got one for my daughter. I loved the idea of it. It was entertaining, but not as much as I had hoped. Maybe because she was so much better at it than we were.

I am about to get another try however, PLX Devices is bringing us the XWave, what they are calling a “mind interface for iPhone.” (or for the Touch or iPad for that matter) By detecting your brain’s rhythm through a tiny sensor placed on your forehead via the XWave headset, you will open a window into your mind.

XWave can sense your attention and meditation levels and you will be able to control and float objects in upcoming games by simply thinking about it, or much like biofeedback, train your mind to focus and relax on command.

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