PhotoFast – A new wireless audio solution for your car

I love my iPod, and I especially love my music collection, what I don’t love is trying to listen to my iPod in the car. I hate driving with earbuds and my stupid little portable speaker just doesn’t cut it. But since the introduction of Airplay, Apple’s new streaming technology that allows audio (photos and video) to be streamed from any iOS device to another iOS device, I knew good things were about to happen.

Enter PhotoFast, the newest way to listen to your tunes, the way you want to, in your car. After what appears to be a somewhat labor intensive, although pretty straightforward installation, this cool little black WIFI box will automatically turn on when you start your car and will connect with your WIFI enabled device, streaming your music library through your stereo system. Very nice.

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Shoot this light out with the Bang!lamp

When it comes turning an appliance off from a distance, you could use some Universal remote, or even the Clapper. Or you could use this Bang! lamp.

The lamp can be turned off with a special gun-shaped remote. All you need to do is point it at the lamp and pull the trigger. Not only does this “kill the light”, but the lamp shade will do a tilt thing, like it was hit with a bullet.

Of course, you might not want to leave this lying around when someone who is pro-gun control comes around. Of course, it is a plain white gun, and I don’t know how many real plain white pistols are out there.

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Solar Camera Strap

If you like to take a whole lot of outdoor pictures until your battery dies and your neck ends up beat red, then this is the camera strap for you.  It actually uses all that power the sun usually is using just to give you a nasty sunburn and charges your camera with it.  The … Read more

Coolest Door Lock in Town

World famous lock specialists Yale have just introduced their new Keyless door locking product, so after a drunken night you don’t need to fumble around with keys just slur the words “Open Sesame” (whilst pressing the included key fob) and the door will automagically unlock. The Yale Keyfree locking system’s groundbreaking technologically advanced features include … Read more

Voice controlled Quad-copter out of MIT

I loved seeing Parrot’s AR.Drone at CES, and I had just as much fun watching the video of this quad-copter, created by the Robust Robotics Group at MIT.

It would appear that this Robust Robotics Group took this thing a step further, but it still requires some sort of iPhone to maintain control. The AR.Drone wasn’t able to take vocal commands.

You can see from the vid that the operator speaks “fly past room 124, then face the windows and go up”. There must have been some speech to text on iPhone, and it would appear that the helicopter can transmit this text into actual commands.

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Berlin Brain Computer Interface lets you play pinball, with your mind

This is an odd way to play pinball, don’t you think? Shouldn’t this man be standing in front of the machine? And what’s with that wired bathing cap?

This is probably what I would have said if I was at CeBIT 2010 and passed by this display of the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface. As it turns out, this man is playing this game of pinball with his brain. I’m not saying that he’s really getting his head into the game, but his head is playing the game.

You can watch a video of the setup of this person in action after the jump. I really have no idea if this man is just some visitor to CeBIT or someone who works for the company, but you can watch him as they set him up to play pinball on this Addams Family themed pinball machine. Yeah, I would have chosen a different theme, but the multiple flippers does make it interesting.

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Power Duo Reserve iPod and iPhone charger by Griffin

I’m not one of those people who always has to listen to an iPod all day, but if I was, then I’m sure I would forget to charge it. Hopefully, you can carry around a backup charger handy.

According to Griffin’s website, their PowerDuo Reserve is “the industry’s most trusted AC and 12 volt chargers”. The included portable battery is designed for the iPod and iPhone.

All you have to do is magnetically lock the small battery pack to the car charger or AC adapter, and the tiny green lights let the user known when it is charged. Later, when you are listening to your iPod and see that its battery is getting low, just plug in the charged battery pack for a little more juice.

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iPod nano Converter TV

Ever wished you could upgrade your iPod nano (the third generation in particular) to come with a much larger screen so that you need not squint your eyes each time you want to watch a video on it? Well, thankfully there is a retro-looking upgrade known as the iPod nano Converter TV that offers another … Read more

iBoy iPhone case brings back memories

The Game Boy recently celebrated its 20th anniversary (has it been that long already?), and we’ve seen the landscape of handheld consoles changed so much since then. There is a great love for this Tetris-toting portable console among the video game community for obvious reasons – Pokemon, long battery life, great library of games, Pokemon, … Read more