Best Portable Power Bank [2019]

How We Picked Most people who need a portable power bank, also known as a power bank, are looking for ways to keep their portable electronics charged on the go. These types of chargers are batteries that store electricity for you to use when you can’t get to an electrical outlet. Portable power banks are … Read more

Best Portable Printer [2019]

How We Picked Do you remember the days of waiting for a picture to be developed? Probably not…because those days are long gone! Today, we have professional-quality cameras sitting in our back pocket. Whenever the right moment is in front of us, we can capture it. And with the ability to share it to our … Read more

Best Smartphone Gimbal [2019]

How We Picked Smartphones have come a long way since they were first introduced in 1994 (i.e. Simon Personal Communicator). We have gone from being able to type a short text message to being able to produce movie-quality videos in less than 30 years. And even though our smartphones can do so much, there is … Read more

Best Wireless Keyboard [2019]

How We Picked Cords are everywhere! Power cords for your computer, monitors, printers, and scanners. Video cables for your monitors. USB cords for your printers, scanners, mouse, and keyboard. Even CAT5/6 cables for your internet connection (if you aren’t using a wireless adapter). That’s a lot of cables and cords! In fact, just using that … Read more

Best Laptop Cooling Pad [2019]

How We Picked Laptop computers are always great when you’re on the go. They give you the ability to work away from the house, game with your friends at the local hangout, or just get away from everything. But laptops don’t have the same cooling capacity that desktop systems generally have. Desktop systems can easily … Read more

Best Bluetooth Transmitter [2019]

How We Picked Do you want to be able to stream virtually anything you want on your TV or play music from your phone in an older car? If so, you’re going to need a Bluetooth transmitter device. In fact, simple pocket-sized bluetooth transmitters make it far easier to stream anything than ever before. That … Read more

Best Outdoor TV Antenna [2019]

How We Picked Have you been looking into cord-cutting options recently? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. Cutting the cord can save you tons of money on your bills (though that much should also be obvious). Most cord-cutters look into two options: Video streaming boxes (i.e. Roku) Outdoor TV Antennas Today, we’re going … Read more

Best Android TV Box [2019]

How We Picked More and more people are deciding to ditch cable and/or satellite (i.e. cutting the cord) in favor of online streaming options or outdoor TV antennas. It’s not difficult to see why. And as Android TV Boxes have become more popular than ever before, it would make sense that you are considering owning … Read more

Best Wireless Adapter [2019]

How we Picked Ever wanted to take your computer somewhere, but can’t because you’re tied to the modem/router? After today, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. When you install a wireless adapter, you really open up your options to move around. But we also understand that finding the right wireless adapter can be frustrating. There … Read more

Best Universal Remote [2019]

How we picked Right now, you may be looking for the remote for your DVD player. Well, maybe not, but you know the frustration of not being able to find the remote when you need it. Somehow the TV remote found its way to the bottom of your couch, the kids are playing hide-and-seek with … Read more