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Cat Scratch Laptop turns your feline friend into a keyboard warrior

cat-scratch-laptopI know that the Internet is full of cat videos, and for some strange reason, it does not seem as though cat videos are about to become boring or extinct soon. In fact, there seems to be no issue whatsoever with cats being in their element, which is always good for a few laughs to ease the day’s tension at the office. Having said that, we have also talked about cat-friendly toys in the past, and here we are with something that will cater to the built-in need of cats – that is, to scratch. Enter the £19.99 Cat Scratch Laptop.

Since you yourself are a keyboard warrior from time to time, how about letting your feline friend get the feeling of satisfaction with a keyboard of its own? This will boast of the latest in Cattop Technology, so to speak, as it satisfies your cat’s natural scratching urges. After all, isn’t it a whole lot better for Garfield to leave his claw marks on the Cat Scratch Laptop rather than on your expensively purchased furniture? Best of all is, the Cat Scratch Laptop will arrive fully assembled, and you do not have to worry with issues such as operating system updates and malware.