Cat Genie Cat Box frees you from some responsibility

cat-genie.jpgCats are pets that appeal only to a certain group of people, and hence they’re constantly in a love-hate relationship with us humans. Feline lovers know just how clean and picky their cats can be, as cats clean themselves constantly by licking their fur often. Unfortunately, while they’re extremely neat when it comes to concealing their poop in a litter box, it doesn’t help that the smell of turd can still waft out and cause distress to residents in the same house. This is where the Cat Genie Cat Box comes in – this litter system is smart enough to wash, sanitize, and dry the box automatically without having you to lift even a single finger, as long as it remains connected to the water line in the bathroom or laundry room and an AC outlet.

This is good news, as I clearly recall the days where clearing my cat’s litter box required me to peg my nose and hold my breath throughout the entire ordeal. This unique system uses washable granules that can be scrubbed by a GenieHand located inside the litter box itself. A SaniSolution will decontaminate the granules after washing, while a hot air blower keeps everything dry after each wash down process, giving the cat a spanking new litter box to perform its business.

The Cat Genie Cat Box can be prompted to start the cleaning process manually or you can program it to clean itself automatically based on a schedule. Just make sure you keep a close eye on the SaniSolution Smart Cartridges used within. A single cartridge is good for 60 washes, while each Cat Genie Washable Granules can last up to half a year before requiring a fresh replacement. The Cat Genie Cat Box retails for $299.99.

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