Cat DJ Scratching Decks

Your cat will definitely not experience the 7-year itch like you would, but one thing is for sure – you should not deny your feline’s innate need to scratch something. Most cat lovers I know do not really purchase expensive sofas, because they would have learned from the painful mistake in their past that cats cannot be bothered as to whether that particular sofa costs thousands of dollars, or just a couple of hundred – they would scratch it all the same. Well, since you always want to give the best to your cat, why not have some fun at its expense at the same time? We are looking at the £14.99 Cat DJ Scratching Decks, where it might turn your puss into one who is a turntable maestro.
The ingeniously located scratching pad is the perfect way to curb your cat’s scratching habits, not to mention the kind of stories that you can come up with when you take a photo of your cat dressed up in DJ garb while “spinning” that record. To make it even more realistic, the Cat DJ Scratching Decks will even be decorated with custom stickers from ‘I love Tuna’ to ‘RUN DOG’.

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