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Cast by Genii will let you stream and share entertainment with friends


Have you ever wanted to watch a show or movie with friends, but you all live in different parts of the world? The best you can hope for is getting on Skype and counting down from 3 to all hit the play button at the same time. However, connection issues throw the whole thing off, and make the distance between everyone even more noticeable.

We’ve seen tons of media streaming devices, but how many of them will let you watch in tandem with your friends? Cast by Genii is a wireless home video system and console that will turn your TV, projector, camera, computer, and mobile devices into smarter versions of themselves. This has three aspects which consists of the CAST box, camera, and an HDMI stick. The more displays you want to use, the more HDMI sticks you’ll need.

This works alongside an app which will connect you to tons of channels, let you do video chat, or have instant messaging overlay on whatever you’re all watching. You’ll be able to watch with up to 6 people in your friends and family circle, just like if you were having people over. The only cable you’ll need to worry about is the one that you put into the wall to power the CAST. This is going to cost you $299 for all three aspects mentioned previously, but you can buy more bundles and have it cheaper on the whole if you want a bunch of people in your friend group to be in on the action.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter