The Cassette Tape Measure


For those of you that have to show off your music loving nature in everything you do, now you can even show it off in your tool box.  Instead of whipping out some tape measure with little to no personality, you can pull out what appears to be just an ordinary cassette tape.  That also means you can show your love of those good old mixed tapes that are no longer needed.

The tape measure comes with both inches and then of course metric units as well to appeal to those that like to hop between both methods.  This tape measure doesn’t mention if it is able to lock in place or anything.  However, it’s pretty obvious this tape measure is only meant for those that don’t really use their tools a ton.  That is except for those random household things that come up, like measuring for curtains.  You can purchase the Cassette Tape Measure for $8 from Gama-Go.

Source: OhGizmo