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Cassette Tape Lamp from Transparent House

If I hadn’t seen the product name I’d have never guessed what this lamp is made out of.  It just looks like a contemporary lamp you’d see in any modern home.  However, it has a bit of geek appeal by it being made out of old clear cassette tapes.  Granted I doubt that your old beat up cassette tapes that were played a hundred times each would look that great for this project, but it is a cool idea.  Especially if you still have a pack or two of blank tapes from the days of trying to catch a certain song on the radio and recording it.

The way that spool is wound be it equally done or variations will decide the pattern that it shows on your wall.  The project was done by Transparent House, however, they don’t actually say if they are selling these and didn’t post DIY directions on how they did it.  So the direction for the project is unknown.  It seems like a fairly simple project to pull off, that is if you are at all skilled at anything crafty.

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