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Casio’s calculators might help you save on your next vacation

casio-hr-8tmThere is nothing quite like winding down the end of the year or heading for a much deserved holiday during summer. While holidays are fun and all, they can end up being pretty expensive. It would take a level head in order to know just how much one is able to spend while one is on the road, as well as the kind of restaurants which will be able to suit your budget. Well, a calculator would come in handy then — and not any calculator app on your smartphone, but one of those old school calculators from Casio, with a modern day touch, of course. Let Casio make your next holiday more budget-friendly with its collection of new bean crunchers.

In order to ensure that you are at your most effective and efficient this coming holiday season — shopping and all, Casio has revealed the following models: the Casio MS10VC, DF-320TM, HR-100TMPlus and HR-8TMPlus. Regardless of which model you decide to settle for, all of them are perfect to provide consumers with a leading edge when it comes to handling money this holiday season.

Casio’s MS10VC desktop calculator will come with a range of enhanced features that are necessary to assist with budgeting for any busy shopper. It has an extra-large display, tax calculation, two-way power and a profit margin percentage. Being a 10-digit Solar Plus calculator, you can even use it with ambient light when there is no more battery power left, and the choice of colors include blue, green, orange, pink, purple and yellow.

As for the DF-320TM desktop calculator, it comes with a 3-line display, combined solar and battery operation, and tax and currency exchange functions. This 12-digit calculator sports an independent memory which can solve cost, selling price and margin calculations too.

Casio’s HR-100TMPlus comes across as a 12-digit printing calculator which has a large, easy-to-read display. It will print 2.0 lines per second, and has special keys for those confusing tax calculations. 2-color printing helps you figure out what you see at a glance, with positive entries being black while deductions or purchases are printed in red. You can choose to run it from an adaptor or off four AA batteries.

A more heavy duty printing calculator would mean calling upon the HR-8TMPlus, which is a portable printer which can calculate. It boasts of large input keys, 1.6 lines per second, function command signs, and comes with an adapter.

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