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The Casio STB-1000 is a one-stop-shop for a fitness watch


Knowing how far we’ve come in a workout can help us decide when to push harder or cool down. This is a small part of the reason smart watches are becoming so popular. If we know exactly how our body is functioning, we know where to improve, or what we need to give ourselves a little more slack for.

There are so many different kinds of watches out there that can help you track your workout that it’s getting a tad excessive. As they have been in the watch business for a while, you would think Casio knows what they’re doing. They created the STB-1000, which is a Bluetooth Sports Gear watch that will not only tell you your distance traveled, lap pace, average pace, and heart rate, but you’ll also receive notifications from your phone. It can let you know when you’re getting email, calls, texts, and will also allow you to control your music.

Those who like to use an armband for their phone know the annoyance of accessing it while in mid-stride, so this watch can be your go-between. Other information you’ll be able to see is your speed and the elapsed time, which is often what most of us are concerned about. It doesn’t use rechargeable batteries, which means you won’t need to worry about it turning off for at least two year. This will cost you around $100, and has tons of corresponding apps to go with it.

Available for purchase on Casio, found via ablogtowatch