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Casio set to roll out two new color ways for the PRO TREK PRG300

protrek300It looks like it is time for a brand new look as the summer arrives, and so it makes perfect sense for one particular model of something to come with more than just a single shade of color, don’t you think so? Well, Casio also thinks along the same line, which means that they are pleased as punch to roll out the PRO TREK PRG300 in orange and grey shades, being known as the PRG300-4 and PRG300-8, respectively, with the two of them being ideal for a wide range of outdoor adventures from hiking and biking, to camping and kayaking.

David Johnson, vice president of Casio’s Timepiece Division, shared, “With summer on the horizon and Great Outdoors Month beginning in June, there is no better time to get outside to camp, fish, rock climb and more. Having a triple sensor watch on your wrist while out navigating mountain peaks or angling at your local riverbed is useful because it will analyze your surroundings and aid in keeping track of where you are, as well as provide the current and upcoming weather while on your journey. The new models offer outdoor enthusiasts versatility in stylish, vibrant colors, while providing a feature-set built to experience life’s most exciting adventures.”

The PRO TREK PRG300-4 and PRG300-8 will arrive with Casio’s Triple Sensor Version 3 Technology, where it will be able to deliver outdoor enthusiasts with fast, precise data readings in order to assist them to navigate through just about any adventure. The timepieces will comprise of a direction sensor for compass readings, pressure sensor for altimeter/barometer readings and a thermo sensor for temperature readings, allowing the user to effortlessly monitor all the required information on outdoor conditions. Not only that, Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology will let users charge the timepiece in low or fluorescent light, which means there is no longer any need for continuous battery replacement.

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