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Casio reveals trio of new timepieces under G-Shock Master of G line

g-shock-rescue-redWhen it comes to owning a watch, many of the younger ones out there do seem to make more use of their phones as a timepiece than wearing a watch, where the thing on your wrist ends up more as a fashion accessory than a time-keeping device Рunless of course, they decide to settle for a smartwatch like the Apple Watch, of course. Well, having a good watch is always a boon, since you can never quite tell just when you would need to tell the time when you are caught out in a thunderstorm and are soaking wet. Surely the average smartphone is not going to last in the showers, but Casio’s G-Shock range is going to shrug off all that water without missing a beat. Here we are with word that the Japanese firm will be introducing three new timepieces in a striking Rescue Red color theme for the G-Shock Master of G line.

This trio of timepieces in the collection will ensure that the Master of G spectrum of air, land, and sea are covered, and all of them have been specially designed in order to withstand extreme conditions. They will include the GPW1000RD-4A Gravitymaster, the GWG1000RD-4A Mudmaster, and the GWN1000RD-4A Gulfmaster. Each of these are advanced, durable timepieces that demonstrate the absolute toughness that G-Shock is known for, where they have also been paired with specialized functions and a modern style and feel.

The GPW1000RD-4A Gravitymaster has been constructed for the air with Triple G Resist construction, GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid technology and oversized numerical indicators for at-a-glance readability. The GWG1000RD-4A Mudmaster, as its name suggests, is mud resistant, as well as being shock resistant and vibration resistant. It will boast of a Triple Sensor (Altimeter/Barometer, Thermometer and Compass) as well as a carbon-fiber insert band. As for the GWN1000RD-4A Gulfmaster, this model will also come with Triple Sensor technology, but adds a barometric tendency alarm, Tide Indicator, and Moon Graph. Any takers?

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