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Casio reveals new MR-G variant G-Shock timepiece

casio-mrgHaving a watch used to be cool for a very, very long time, until smartphones came along and more or less made the watch redundant as an essential tool, downgrading it more to that of a fashion accessory. However, smart watches have managed to find a niche for themselves, and it looks like the elegant timepiece wrapped around your wrist is not going to go away anytime soon. Heck, even some manufacturers like Casio have made a name for themselves by clearly entrenching their products as tough-as-nails devices, with the G-Shock brand name reverberating across the industry. The latest model would be the new MR-G variant G-Shock timepiece that will be known as the MR-G Hybrid GPS, as it hits the market some time later this month.

Going by the model number MRGG1000DC-1A, this particular timepiece is made in Yamagata Japan, and it has been specially designed to feature a beautiful silver bezel and Akagane accents. Akagane is actually a stunning copper alloy that has anywhere from 3% to 5% gold, and it is most often used in traditional Japanese craftwork.

In order to maintain the unparalleled craftsmanship and dependability that G-SHOCK MR-G wearers have come to expect, the MRGG1000DC-1A will boast of the hybrid technology of GPS as well as Multi-Band 6, in addition to the likes of Tough Solar, Sapphire Glass (Anti-Glare), and Ti-6A-4V+TIC Bezel. The case and bracelet will rely on titanium as the material of choice.

In addition, this particularly superior timepiece will also arrive equipped with shock resistance, 200M Water Resistance, Tough Solar, Tough Movement, Latitude Indicator, Airplane Mode, Dual Dial World Time (40TZ, 27 Cities+UTC), LED (Super Illuminator), Neo-brite Luminous Hands, Daily Alarm, Full Auto Calendar, 1/20th Sec. Stopwatch (24min), Countdown Timer (24Hr), Day/Date Display, all crammed into a case size of 49.8mm. It will not come cheap considering the craftsmanship and material that has gone into it, as the MRGG1000DC-1A MR-G Hybrid GPS will cost a whopping $2,600 a pop.

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