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Casio reveals new G-SHOCK G-STEEL Street Vintage Style Collection

g-steelWhen it comes to timepieces that are tough as nails that is also affordable to the average Joe, you won’t go wrong with Casio’s range of G-SHOCK timepieces. This time around, we have a spanking new G-SHOCK G-STEEL Street Vintage Style Collection that will merge the look of leather without sacrificing on the legendary toughness that the G-SHOCK name carries.

This marks the very first time in the G-SHOCK watch history that something like this has happened. It will arrive as part the new G-STEEL Street Vintage Style Collection this coming March, where the tough leather will be made up of a special blend of hybrid synthetic leather as well as resin, and has been specially designed in order to withstand abrasions through the course of time. The new watches will also complement the diversity of men’s streetwear without sacrificing on the legendary G-SHOCK toughness.

There will be three out of four new Street Vintage Style models that boast of the Tough Leather hybrid band – available in shades of dark brown (GSTS130L-1A), light brown (GSTS120L-1B) and black (GSTS120L-1A). Those who want the GSTS130BD-1A will end up with a classic, black IP stainless steel band. In comparison to genuine leather, Tough Leather is more than able to withstand significant abrasion while experiencing a minimal amount of scratching or damage to the material. Not only that, it is also water resistant, and the new band lets you have a comfortable and stylish look without having to compromise on damaging a leather band.

It will be equipped with Tough Solar Power, Shock Resistance and 200M water resistance, a high level of visibility in the dark thanks to a full-auto double LED Light, a neon illuminator for the dial as well as a super illuminator for the digital display. There is also 48-city World Time, 5 daily alarms, 1/100th-second Stopwatch, countdown timer and 12/24hr formats, all crammed into a 52.4mm case with a recommended retail price of $300 a pop.

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