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Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 is better than ever before

casio-protrek-wsd-30Casio continues to forge new ground with the brand new addition to their Pro Trek series of smart watches that target outdoor enthusiasts, delivering the all-new Casio WSD-F30 that allows users to take full advantage of offline maps as well as GPS log recording that stashes away data for up to three consecutive days. This is certainly a vast improvement over the first iteration, the WSD-F10 wrist device that was released a couple of years ago, and it continues to carry the proud tradition of having water resistance of up to 50 meters as well as environmental durability built to military specifications.

It is interesting to note that the new Casio WSD-F30 will boast of the Extend Mode that enables use of offline color maps as well as GPS for up to three consecutive days, doing so on a single charge. When the WSD-F30 is in Extend Mode, one will be able to check out the time and measurement data continuously on the monochrome display, and if you would like to pull up the color map, that can be achieved with but a single push of a button. In Extend Mode, energy is also conserved through the switching of the operating system to energy-saving stand-by mode on a schedule that the user had preset. This more or less guarantees optimal power management based on the activity plan, enabling the user to track his or her current location on an offline map while record tracks when embarking on activities that are longer than a single day.

Boasting of an enhanced dual-layer monochrome and color display, it makes use of an organic EL display which will showcase maps and data in finer detail. Apart from the time, the monochrome display will display atmospheric pressure/altitude and compass bearing, and in Multi Timepiece Mode, it will offer measurement data such as altitude and atmospheric pressure in monochrome, without compromising on battery life.

With an asking price of $549 apiece, the Casio WSD-F30 will arrive in black, blue and orange shades early next January.

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