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Casio Pro Trek PRW3100YB-1 amps up the style

The watch should not be overlooked as a crucial and stylish fashion item that can be worn by everyone and anyone, adding a dash of elegance to the wearer while providing the all-important aspect of timekeeping. Technology in recent times have made it possible for the ordinary watch to be smarter, as it keeps track of your heartbeat, take into account the number of steps that you have taken each day, provide variable watchfaces to suit your outfit of the day, among others. Casio’s foray into the smart watch market takes a slightly different route with the Pro Trek PRW3100YB-1.

Specially designed with a blue IP stainless steel bezel and black resin band, the PRW3100YB-1 will arrive with the entirety of the features that Pro Trek timepieces have long delivered in a more compact manner that is ideal for trekking, whether it is in the winter or when you would like to enjoy some outdoor air in the summer months.

Boasting of Casio’s vaunted Triple Sensor Version 3 Technology, the PRW3100YB-1 will boast of a direction sensor that will deliver accurate compass readings, a pressure sensor for altimeter/barometer readings as well as a thermo sensor for temperature. To keep in line with the best timepieces from Casio, this model also carries Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping technology. In essence, it will synchronize automatically with atomic clocks in the U.S., Germany, U.K., China and a couple in Japan depending on your home city setting, guaranteeing the correct time always.

To sweeten the deal, this Pro Trek timepiece will feature Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology, which gets rid of the need for battery changes. Even ambient lighting is good enough to juice up the PRW3100YB-1 without requiring you to stand under the sun. A full charge ought to provide the PRW3100YB-1 with enough energy to last for two years without any additional exposure to light, now how about that? The asking price for the Casio Pro Trek PRW3100YB-1 stands at $320 for those who are interested in jazzing up their wrist with a dependable timepiece that simply works.

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