Casio makes an attempt at geek chic Calculator Watches

Everyone remembers the signature calculator watch, it was far from geek chic the first time they came around.  However, Casio is making an attempt to make them look cool, or at least cool enough to pass for geek chic.  I doubt they’d become cool enough to be deemed trendy at any point.  Well in order to add a little appeal for the geek crowd, now they’re adding a burst of color to these watches.  They still of course look cheesy, but for the brave geek soul, they might be the perfect watch.

The watches have a ten year battery and an 8-digit calculator that does the usual functions of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  It also features four multi-function alarms and one that comes with snooze.  The watch also comes packed with a stopwatch, 13 language display, and an auto calendar.  In other words, it’s a very complicated watch that you might actually need to glance at the instructions to learn how to use.  Casio is selling these in five different colors for $59 a piece.

Source: OhGizmo