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Casio G-SHOCK limited edition HUF timepiece revealed

g-shock-hufThe brand G-Shock should be extremely familiar to just about everyone, even if you do not happen to be one who likes to wear watches. In fact, Casio’s G-Shock timepieces have carved a legendary name for itself over the years, delivering performance that does not wilt under pressure, and is more than capable of brushing off drops to the floor without batting an eyelid. Perhaps you feel that a regular G-Shock timepiece is not going to cut the mustard any more, which is why a limited edition model might be more right up your alley – and Casio does not disappoint with their latest limited edition Casio G-Shock GD400HUF-1 model.

This particular limited edition HUF timepiece will be built on the platform of the skate-inspired GD400, where it will boast of a bold metal face protector, an extra tough lug band attachment, and a super illuminator LED. This particular collaboration would bring an etched band inspired by “cracked concrete”, an all-over black out colorway with black IP metal parts, and HUF logo etched on case back as well as appearing in the LCD display when the light is activated.

Not only that, you will also be able to enjoy other functions such as 48-city world time, 5-daily alarms, countdown timer, stopwatch in addition to military 24-hr time format option. Needless to say, this purchase will offer standard Casio G-Shock toughness, which means it will be shock and 200-meter water resistant.

Of course, there will be some out there who grew up on a ’diet’ of G-Shock watches from Casio, and have since migrated to far more expensive and luxurious brands like Rolex and a Patek, but then again, those are not the kind of timepieces that you wear whenever you have that kind of adventuring spirit within you, unless you do not mind some minor scratches turning up once in a while on the strap or other places of the watch. The Casio G-Shock x HUF timepiece (GD400HUF-1) will come with an asking price of $190 a pop later this May.

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