Casio G-SHOCK introduces Vintage Gold theme To Master Of G

vintage-gold-master-of-gCasio is a name not to be reckoned with when it comes to two things — the calculator, as well as their range of G-Shock timepieces. Granted, these are not the only two things that the Japanese company is famous for, but this does not mean that they are darn good at the mentioned pair of areas. This time around, we will concentrate on the fact that a couple of new Vintage Gold models will make their debut under the Master of G collection.

The G-Shock range of watches have long lived up to their namesake, being tough as nails and more or less capable of surviving just about any extreme condition without missing a beat. The latest vintage-inspired black and gold color scheme would cover the new Gulfmaster model (GN1000GB-1A) and Mudmaster model (GG1000GB-1A), delivering a stylish, classic look and toughness at a price point that would not be a burden to your pockets.

The Mudmaster range of watches happen to fall within the Master of G Series that have been specially designed for land, sea and air, and are famous for their ability to withstand extreme conditions anywhere on earth — unless you decide to take a journey into the earth’s core and get burnt up along the way, of course.

With tools and machinery being the inspiration, the gold accents on both the GN1000GB-1A and GG1000GB-1A have been specially designed to arrive with a weathered look, presenting them as though they’ve gone through years of service.

For instance, the bezel on the Gulfmaster GN1000GB-1A does make one think of a ship’s porthole which has been unrelentlessly exposed to wind and rain, whereas the gold detail on the Mudmaster GG1000GB-1A happens to resemble that of tools that have been polished by digging in the ground.

Regardless of which model you select, both of them will come with Twin Sensor technology that makes them very unique. These sensors will be used to control compass bearing, not to mention to measure temperatures, while bearing memory that indicates the bearing from a starting point to a destination, so that you know you are not lost and on track. They will both feature an asking price of $320 each.

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