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Casio EDIFICE timepiece simply loves the sun

casio-edifice-solarCasio America, Inc. is more than pleased to announce that they have yet another timepiece that will hit the market, where it will fall under the EDIFICE banner. Targeting the men this time around, the model number of EQB-500DB-2A might be difficult to roll off the tongue, but that is all right, since it would be a whole lot easier to simply refer to it as the all-new Casio EDIFICE watch. This particularly new timepiece will come equipped with Smart Phone Link, Tough Solar Power, a 3D Dial and water resistance up to 100 meters, where the advanced functionality will be merged alongside a modern style which makes Casio’s EQB-500DB-2A ideal for any man’s professional or weekend lifestyle. It does not matter whether he is going abroad for work or a holiday, or is just a local traveler, the watch’s Global Time Sync functionality will be able to ensure that he remains on pace.

Thanks to the integration of Smart Phone Link technology, the EQB-500DB-2A will be able to hook up to a smartphone with a simple push of a button via Casio’s Mobile Link Technology. If you were to download the CASIO WATCH+ app, you can then connect it to a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth SMART, allowing the timepiece to access the correct time in its current location and for more than 300 cities worldwide, which will also offer correction for Daylight Saving Time if required. Users will also gain the capability to swap the specified home time and world time thanks to a simple press of a button, in addition to correct alarms and other time settings. Not only that, it has a handy phone finder function that is self explanatory — you can locate a lost device by connecting to it, letting it emit a sound to help find its location, even if the phone is on silent.

Not only that, the new EQB-500DB-2A will boast of Casio’s Tough Solar Power that does away with the need for battery changes. A full-charge without further exposure to light will allow it to run for approximately seven months, now how about that? To further enhance it, it boasts of a special power save feature which will let it power down when not exposed to light for a certain period of time to further conserve energy. Expect Casio’s EQB-500DB-2A to retail for $410 from next month onward.

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