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Casio Edifice EQB500 and EQB600 add some style to your wrist

casio-edificeYou might have updated your wardrobe for the new year, but what about the rest of your fashion accessories? You might want to take into consideration picking up something that does not lean towards the luxury timepieces line, and yet does not look out of place. The Casio Edifice EQB500 and EQB600 are two of such examples which are the perfect timekeeping devices for trendy jetsetters.

The Casio Edifice EQB500 and EQB600 will cater for the guys, and they function as a great accessory which offers features specifically for travelers. To make sure that the EQB600 will seamlessly keep track of things at home, the EQB600’s main dial showcases the Home Time (the time and date of the user’s current home city), letting its inset dome-shaped dial display the current time zone in the selected World Time city in a 24-hour format over a world map. This is a 3D globe dial which has been installed at the 3 o’clock position, and it will rotate once a day in time with Earth’s rotation, where there is a small round hand that showcases the time zone of the selected World Time city. The EQB600 boasts of a high-torque dual-coil motor which can deliver the power to drive the 3D globe dial, and it also reproduces an image of the earth’s rotation on the dial.

As for the EQB500, it will feature advanced functionality and merges with a modern style which is perfect for any man’s lifestyle. Regardless of whether one moves around domestically or abroad, the EQB500 is sure and stedfast in helping him keep on pace. A keen-edged dial in a tough, rugged 45mm stainless steel metal case merges to deliver a simply elegant and highly functional design, and it will also come with a mode dial that is combined with a speedometer at the 4 o’clock position.

Both models sport Bluetooth connectivity that can be linked to a smartphone with a push of a button. They are also solar-powered, meaning there is no longer any more need for a battery, and the asking price for the Edifice EQB500D-1A stands at $380, with the EQB500DB-2A retailing for $410, while the EQB600 is going for $400 a pop.

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