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Casio EDIFICE collection grows with two more models

edifice-newWhen it comes to watches, the Casio brand name is one that invokes a sense of excellence. The Japanese company has long rolled out quality timepieces that are certainly more than capable of telling the time accurately, and then some. With a number of different “families” to suit various situations such as G-Shock, Pro Trek and EDIFICE, the latest two additions would be the EDIFICE EQB501XBR-1A and EQB800BR-1A. Specially designed for both professional and personal lifestyles, these new high-performance models will offer enhanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity and Dura-Soft Fluoro-Rubber Band technology that are more than suitable for any man’s wardrobe.

Offering far more than just regular timekeeping, the EQB501XBR-1A and EQB800BR-1A are smart in their very own way since they can be paired to a smartphone simply by pushing a button via Casio’s Mobile Link Technology. You will first need to download the CASIO WATCH+ app of course, followed by hooking it up to a compatible smartphone over Bluetooth SMART. From there, the timepieces are able to access the correct time in their current location, doing so for up to 300 cities worldwide and even having it updated to the latest time zone and Daylight-Saving Time information.

Arriving in a bold 3D dial and stainless-steel case, these new models will be outfitted with a Dura-Soft Fluoro Rubber band. The idea behind the use of such material was inspired by Fluoroelastomers, which is normally found in high end vehicles. Such a band will offer wearers a heat -resistant, abrasion-resistant, oil-resistant, and innovative material, which is more than ideal for the man who is always on the move. Regardless of which particular model you go for, both of them will be water resistant up to 100 meters and offer world time, a daily alarm and stopwatch features. Do not expect them to be as tough as the G-Shock though. For those who decide to pick up the EDIFICE EQB800BR-1A, it will have a full auto calendar and best lap indicator to boot.

The Casio EDIFICE EQB501XBR-1A and EQB800BR-1A will retail for $320 and $350, respectively if you are interested in picking either one (or both) up.

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