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Casio delivers their new Ladies Solar Easy Readers timepieces

casio-ladies-watchCasio has just introduced the latest addition to their collection of analog timepieces, which would be a quartet of new Ladies Solar Easy Readers. Also known as the LTPS100 series, it will be a special blend of style alongside ease-of-use, and will boast of solar-powered operation in addition to water resistance of up to 50 meters, so that it delivers additional convenience for the wearer.

The LTPS100 ladies timepieces will make use of Casio’s Solar Power technology, which will do away with the need for battery changes. Each time it experiences a full charge, each timepiece will then be able to last for three months thereabouts without any kind of further exposure to light. This is an eco-friendly, solar battery-powered timepiece which will also be able to juice up in the presence of low or fluorescent light conditions, now how about that for added versatility without sacrificing on style?

Apart from that, the LTPS100 ladies timepieces will also boast of a fashionable and simply-designed three-hand analog display face with date display and large, high-contrast numbers on the dial so that it is easy to read and also more pleasing to the eye. In addition, the display casings happen to be round and made of stainless steel, while the timepieces boast of quartz movements. Just to make sure you do not end up shortchanged, there is also a date display for quick reference.

A pair of the new models, the LTPS100E-1BV and the LTPS100E-7BV, will sport silver-toned stainless steel expansion bands. The LTPS100D-7BV boasts of a silver-toned stainless steel band with a buckle closure, while the LTPS100L-7BV will come with a brown faux leather band with buckle closure. If you are interested, the LTPS100 ladies timepieces will retail for $54.95 a pop. This certainly beats having to wind up your watch, as most of us probably stay in places where there is more than enough sunlight to keep it going all year round without missing a beat.

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