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Casio brings connected G-Shock MT-G timepieces to the fore

MTGB1000_Casio_G_SHOCKWhen it comes to tough watches that are extremely functional with great design behind it, you would be hard pressed to find any other company apart from Casio to roll such beauties out. This time around, Casio has just announced the on-sale date of its Connected MT-G timepieces, which would be the first ever from the Japanese firm. These G-Shock timepieces are part of the brand’s luxury MT-G men’s line, where the latest models will arrive in silver with black and red accents (MTGB1000-1A) as well as an all-black shade with red accents (MTGB1000B-1A). Those who are interested to have these timepieces on their wrists can pick them up from the beginning of next month onward.

What does Casio mean by connectivity? Well, the company has integrated Bluetooth capabilities as well as BLE time-sync, allowing these timepieces to keep the most accurate time regardless of where the wearer is via the Connected Engine module. This enables it to connect to a time server through a paired smartphone or using radio wave time-calibration signals. The watch will hook up to the G-Shock Connected smartphone app so that the user can easily set the world time as well as alarms from the app. The app itself will also collect and analyze usage data from the timepiece in order to prompt different kinds of responses, ranging from reminding the user to charge the watch when it runs low on juice, as well as being warned about possible magnetic interference.

Regardless of which model you pick, both of them will boast of a polished look, accompanied by a slimmer case as well as a re-designed Core Guard Structure that links the bezel, back cover and band connection pieces in order to form a box frame for enhanced strength. As for the inner case, it is made out of a carbon fiber reinforced resin, while the highly abrasion resistant sapphire crystal will ensure clear visibility.

Additional features include 200M water resistance and shock resistance, 2-way time sync, a super illuminator light, dual dial world time display, world time (in 39 time zones and 27 cities + UTC), daily alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer, and a full auto calendar. The asking price for the MTGB1000-1A and MTGB1000B-1A would be $800 and $900, respectively.

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