Casio announces men’s G-Shock G-Steel line of connected watches


The humble watch used to be a tool to tell the time, but over the years, it has ended up as a fashion statement, one that could even cost more than an entire house if it is studded with jewels and other kinds of precious gems. Well, the watch was said to die a slow death with the introduction of smartwatches, but such a prediction has proven to be otherwise. The luxury line of watches continue to sell well regardless of the economic climate among the well-heeled and famous, while the regular watch maintains its market share as smartwatches struggle to break into the mainstream consciousness and being a “must have” item on everyone’s wrists. Casio forges on with its very first connected watches for men, the G-Shock G-Steel line. These tactical watches are amazing gear for the outdoors while still looking elegant enough to wear them in an office.

In the new G-Shock G-Steel range for men, these new models will boast of Bluetooth connectivity alongside the ability to charge itself up via solar power, now how about that for bringing a 21st century update to the old school idea of a watch? Specially designed to boast of a new layer guard case structure that is not only slimmer than previous generation G-Steel timepieces, the new connected watches will represent the cream of the G-Steel crop. All of the new models will arrive in silver stainless steel (GSTB100D-1A), black resin with a silver stainless steel bezel (GSTSB100-1A), and a special edition black resin with a black, carbon fiber bezel (GSTB100X-1A).

Regardless of which model you decide on, all of these new timepieces will make use of Bluetooth low energy technology in order to pair with smartphones using the G-Shock connected app. This would enable the user to utilize the Phone Finder feature, change time zones, check the battery level, and set a timer or alarm from the app itself. Solar-powered charging capabilities, a new functional face design with a “turbine inspired” level indicator disc and a super LED light rounds off the list of impressive features.

The GSTB100-1A and GSTB100D-1A will respectively come with a $320 and $400 price tag, while the special edition GSTB100X-1A is going to be a tad more expensive at $700 a pop.

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