Caseology releases brand new protective cases

Unboxing a brand new device is always something that is worth looking forward to. From there, it is always an adventure, making sure that no harm comes to said smartphone, smartwatch or tablet through accidental knocks and drops. However, accidents happen without any prior warning, which is why it is always better to be safe than sorry. Caseology has long offered accessories for mobile devices that help keep them protected, and this time around there are non-toxic cases that are safe for you and your family, babies included, with the introduction of the Abel Series Smartwatch Case for Apple Watch 4 and the Nero Pro Case for iPhone XR.

The Nero Pro iPhone XR case is truly a wonder, with Caseology proudly laying claim that it is capable of surviving a 20 foot drop without any issues at all. This is a limited edition case that will work in tandem with the included tempered glass screen protector, making this case ‘invincible’ to a certain degree. iPhone XR owners who would want something tough and practical, while still being able to make a fashion statement, the Nero Pro iPhone XR case that arrives in red fits the bill perfectly.

As for Apple Watch series 4 owners, you might have scuffed your timepiece by accident in the past and would not want to repeat the same mistake again in the future. This is where the Abel Case for Apple Watch Series 4 comes in. Paying homage to the legacy iPod design, this particular prototype is currently being worked on in order to enter full production eventually, and is tipped to roll out some time in 2019 in colors, black and pink.

Then there is the Nero Slim Case for Apple Watch Series 4 for those who would want something that is more discrete in nature without compromising the Apple Watch 4 experience. The slim and modern design does not detract it from taking down your heart rate, blood pressure, keeping track of your steps or number of calories burned. Do take note that at best, it offers protection from daily wear and tear, and will arrive in black and pink for sizes 40mm and 44mm.

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