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Case-Mate Power Pad Fast Wireless Charger

casemate-powerpadCase-Mate has introduced a fair number of accessories for mobile devices in the past, and it has certainly not stopped doing so in the past few years. Their accessories are not only stylish but highly functional in nature, and this time around the company has decided to announce a brand new product category through the launch of the Power Pad. The Case-Mate Power Pad is a fast wireless charger that will arrive with a stand, allowing the user to prop up their device in viewing mode as it is charging for easy use.

The whole idea of the Power Pad is to be able to simply place the smartphone down on this new accessory in order to get juiced without having to hunt around for a charging cord. At the same time, users will be able to have a great view of their device, especially when they are watching a movie. The very same position also makes it a snap to take a glance at the handset at any important incoming texts and updates while multitasking. This is no ordinary wireless charger, since it will juice up the handset at a very fast rate, making sure your productivity is constantly on the up as the handset itself remains fully charged.

The new wireless Power Pad will play nice with Qi-enabled devices at the highest charging speeds possible, and this includes 7.5W of power for the latest Apple iPhones (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X) as well as 9W of power for the most recent Samsung devices. Being different from majority of the other wireless chargers that are available on the market, the Power Pad comes with a sturdy stand that has been specially designed to be used on a table, desk, or countertop, enabling you to display your device in portrait or landscape view. The convenient soft LED light indicator provides visual confirmation that your device is charging, and there is a slip-resistant “racetrack” shaped ridge that makes it easy to guide any device to be perfectly placed each time. The base grips on the bottom of the charging pad will further prevent any kind of movement when placed on smooth surfaces. The Power Pad will retail for $60 apiece and arrive in black or white shades.

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