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Just in Case delivers iPhone case that records conversations

just-in-caseOwning an iPhone is one thing – in fact, it can be seen as a purchase that justifies your stature in society even, although it would be a pretty sad society to live among then. Since you have already forked out so much money for the latest iPhone as your primary communications device, why not go the extra mile to provide some protection for the precious handset? There are many different kinds of iPhone cases that have been released in the past, and Just in Case (pretty unique name, right?) has jumped aboard the bandwagon as well – except that their flagship product will be rather different in terms of functionality. Sure, it is a protective case of sorts that will help to minimize damage from knocks, drops and scratches, but there is one particular function that might come in handy if you tend to deal with a lot of sensitive conversations that would be best if it were in the black and white. This slim, elegantly designed case will also be able to instantly record any call or in-person conversation without having to connect to an app or external recording source.

Of course, some people might not be too comfortable knowing that they are being recorded while talking to you, but on the other hand, you do not even need to let them know in the first place. Available for the iPhone 5 and above, Just in Case will make sure this case comes in the following shades: red, blue, yellow, green and black. It is part of an Indiegogo campaign that has a funding goal of $25,000 and features limited Early Bird specials of $29.99 each.

The case lets one initiate recording at any point during a call (where app/conference call solutions are concerned, users must record the entire conversation from beginning to end), as it boasts of an easy-to-use, simple 2-button interface: one for “record” and one for “play.” Not only that, it doubles up as an incognito stand-alone recorder that can record in-person conversations not made via the user’s iPhone. Pretty cool for the sleuthing types, yes?

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