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Cars 2 Toys look more advanced than the toys from the first movie

I have a three-year-old who absolutely loves the movie Cars, and somehow diecast replicas of the characters from the Pixar film have ended up in my house. I hope I am not coming off as someone who hates Pixar, because I love their body of work. I just feel that their recent contribution of Toy Story 3 and the release of Cars 2 this summer has shown that the company that gave us some of the most original films in the last two decades are hitting a creative slump, and hopefully not a creative peak. The Cars 2 toys are currently being shown off at Toy Fair 2011 in New York City, one of two conferences that I would love to attend this week (the other being MWC in Barcelona). See what they have in store after the jump. The Blue car that you see in the photo is Finn McMissile. Seriously, that is this car’s name. He is a suave spy in Cars 2 and he is voiced by the one and only Michael Caine. He will be out in May for $35, and the toy has the ability to literally drive up the wall. I’m guessing the two wheels in front of him get the grip, and there is some vacuum sucker underneath that keeps him on the wall. Also on the toy agenda is a 1:55 scale version of Lightning McQueen that moves its eyes, wobbles, drives in circles, and spouts Owen Wilson dialogue. You can see him after the jump. I’m not certain when he arrives in stores, or what the price will be.


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