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Carnivorous Creatures Light Cube adds a +1 to your green fingers skill

carivorous-creaturesHaving green fingers would be an interesting virtue – it is either you have it, or you do not. The thing is, if you are still hell bent on growing some plants despite knowing that you cannot even keep a few small pots of cactii alive, then perhaps it is time to seek higher powers for divine intervention. Otherwise, there is always the $29.95 Carnivorous Creatures Light Cube. Yes sir, with the Carnivorous Creatures Light Cube, you will be able to grow your very own Venus Flytraps and Sundew, now how about that?

Those are far from ordinary plants, since the Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous one, as it snaps its mouth shut the moment it detects a prey that has waddled into its trap. This particular terrarium will come with both red and blue micro LEDs in order to provide the perfect light, and it is also USB-powered, allowing you to grow them new plants right there and then on the desk. It does not matter whether the sun shines or not now, since the Carnivorous Creatures Light Cube is pretty much able to get the growing job done without missing a beat.