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Cargos that keep you warm

heated-cargos.jpgYou know how hard it is to look stylish during the cold, winter season where thick clothes basically evens out the playing field when it comes to your body shape. Thick, unwieldy clothes are the fashion statement of the moment as you try to stave away the freezing cold. Thankfully, there are some people who still want to show off their immaculately cut buns despite the cool temperature around, and as necessity is truly the mother of invention, Brookstone is offering the Dual-Zone Heated Cargos that not only keep you warm, your summer exercise regime will not go unnoticed by the ladies at your office as you sashay down the aisle.

This unique pair of winter wear might look like any other ordinary khaki-colored cargo pants, but don’t judge it by it’s cover. This pair of cargo pants actually come with fleece lining within to keep your nutsack warm, while a host of integrated carbon fiber heating elements are strategically positioned across the lower back and inside the pockets to keep the entire length of your lower body cozy, while cold hands and fingers can find some refuge by simply slipping them into the pockets. The fleece-lined cargos are powered by rechargeable batteries that keep you warm for up to several hours before requiring another charge.

Each purchase of this $150 Dual-Zone Heated Cargos from Brookstone comes with a remote control that enables you to set the temperature which you are most comfortable with. Heat is delivered via safe amounts of low-power infrared rays, so there is no worry about having your pants catch fire. Despite the amount of technology packed inside, this pair of pants do not require an additional care – just remove the batteries and toss them into the washing machine as and when required. The high quality materials that went into the manufacturing process ensure the cargos will last for many a season before your waistline outgrows it.

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