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Cardboard Box Speakers

I’m not too sure what the point of these is but they still look pretty cool, speakers that come in a box that you then take out of the box and make into a box. We thought it sounded strange too.

The cardboard box speakers are exactly that speakers in a cardboard box, whether such expensive casing enhances acoustic quality is unknown but some how I don’t think superior sound quality is the point of these.

I suppose they’re portable, cheap and give you a sense of satisfaction that you made them (well folded the box together) but other than being novel they seem pretty pointless. Available from Think Geek and the unfolded version looks like this:

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1 thought on “Cardboard Box Speakers”

  1. These are great if you want something to take with you on vacation or traveling. If they get lost, stolen or just ruined its not as bad as if you would have gone out and bought some nice speakers someplace else.

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