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Card Lok all-in-one phone wallet

Card Lok all-in-one RFID phone wallet

Let us face the facts: just about everyone owns a smartphone today, making it more or less an indispensable tool regardless of whether you are a youth or an adult. The smartphone too, has its fair share of accessories that make life more convenient and interesting. Some smartphone cases offer nothing but just protection, but what if you could tack on something that will help keep you organised along the way? Enter the Card Lok all-in-one RFID wallet from Chrome Cherry.

Chrome Cherry’s latest crowdfunding campaign for the Card Lok has proven to be wildly successful, delivering an innovative all-in-one phone wallet that will be able to help make life a whole lot easier. With the Card Lok, smartphone owners no longer have to go through the constant frustration of having to juggle bulky wallets as well as cheap phone cases. Sporting an extremely slim form factor, the Card Lok ensures that your most important and frequently used credit cards as well as ID cards will remain secure and safe without having to do away with any of the essential features.

Sporting RFID-blocking material in addition to a self-locking clasp, the Card Lok will also be accompanied by a mirror, a video stand, a customizable grip cord and a easy-action card removal design in order to deliver the maximum level of convenience. There are three different colors to choose from in order to suit various tastes: All Black, Pure White, and Dusty Pink. There is also a seven-card capacity that offers ultimate security for users without cramping your style courtesy of an ultra slim 5mm design.

Those who are interested to accessorize their smartphone cases with something that will help flatten your wallets in a good way can always pick up the Card Lok at a highly affordable rate of $19 apiece, with the crowdfunding campaign set to end this coming March 18.