CarBot lets you have more fun with your smartphone

Just when you thought that the only forms of entertainment on your smartphone would be movies, music and games, along ambles the CarBot from Desk Pets International of Hong Kong. CarBots, as the name suggests, is a toy that comes in the shape of a car, and have been programmed with four interactive modes, namely Drift ‘n’ Race mode, Battle mode for multi-player fun, Maze mode, and Personality mode. It does not matter if you are running on an iOS-powered or Android-powered smartphone, the CarBot would still be revving to have a go!
With four colors to choose from (red, blue, orange and green), you can set your CarBots to battle mode for some multi-player mayhem thanks to its built-in infrared sensors. Each CarBot can be set to A, B, or C frequency so that the control scheme would not get all wonky, and you will rely on your reflexes and wit to make clever use of the fire button so that you disable your opponent’s CarBot in the process. Under Drift ‘n’ Race mode, you can enjoy full speed racing and drifting without having to call your insurance agent, while maze mode lets CarBots successfully navigate mazes and avoid obstacles. If things get too noisy, just set CarBots to mute. It takes around 40 minutes of charging for each CarBot to last for 25 minutes of play. The CarBots will retail for $29.99 each.
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