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Carbon Audio Zooka slide-on speaker bar for your Apple devices

We all know that Apple churns out some really spiffy looking devices, and have done so for a fair number of years already, without any hint of them stopping anytime soon. Well, if you happen to own at least one of the following – the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or MacBook, then you might want to check out the Carbon Audio Zooka slide-on speaker bar which was specially designed as an accessory for the mentioned devices.
Of course, for anything to work in tandem with Apple’s devices, they will certainly need to look their best – or at least, flow along with the general design principles over at Cupertino. Good to know that the Carbon Audio Zooka slide-on speaker bar conforms to such lofty standards, and we shall take a closer look at just what it is capable of delivering for your ears to enjoy right after the jump.

First and foremost, we are looking at what Carbon Audio claims as “extraordinary sound quality”, where the Zooka is tipped to deliver a concert hall experience which is capable of significantly enhance the kind of music you hear, movies you watch, and games you play – amongst others, of course. Not only that, you can live in complete wireless freedom with the Zooka thanks to the ability to “project” sound via wireless Bluetooth, leaving you with the choice of placing the speaker a good 30 feet away from the primary device.
There is also an integrated microphone thrown into the mix, allowing the Zooka to work in tandem with the iPad, transforming it into a high quality speakerphone that will make your Skype and Facetime experiences a whole lot more pleasant. Of course, having said that, it will also play nice with other communication software to boot. Sporting a unique patented design, the Zooka can slide onto the edge of an iPad or MacBook without getting into the way of the camera.
To make sure the Zooka lives up to its purpose, there is also a removable kickstand that lets your iPad stand up, making it ideal for watching videos on the go without leaving your hands tired. The Carbon Audio Zooka slide-on speaker bar can be yours for $99.95 each, where it will come in nine colors including black, blue, dark grey, green, orange, pink, purple, red and teal as it rolls out sometime this August.
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