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Carbage Can makes you look like less of a slob


If you basically live in your car when you’re not at work, then you know how embarrassing it is to let friends ride with you. No one wants others to see such a vivid image of their filth littering the floor and overflowing out of the side door pockets. Or, for that matter, to judge them for the sheer amount of fast food trash and cold french fries that reveal previous carnage. For those that can’t help but have guests in their car frequently (carpooling), it might behoove you to have a bag for trash, or better yet, your very own garbage can.

 The Carbage Can is a topple proof trash can that will sit on the passenger side floor and clip onto your foot mat. This is a very small can that was built to use grocery bags, because we all have at least 500 or more of them at home, and it’s a snap to install. It uses two clips that you’ll fix to the edge of the floor mat, slide the can onto the clips, but in a bag, top it off with the lid, and toss the bag whenever it’s full.

It’s an easy way to keep the trash in your car a bit more manageable. It will mildly impede on leg room for your front seat passenger, but hey, they get the front seat and should be happy enough with that. One of these cans will cost you $21, or you can pay $35 and get two, to pass one off as a gift. These sadly won’t work as a holiday gift though, as they won’t start shipping out until January of next year.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter