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The Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set is a teaching tool hidden in a toy

car lover's engine repari set

Children are extremely inquisitive. They touch, taste, smell, and look at anything that catches their fancy, which is literally everything because they’re so new to the world. While it’s pretty impossible to teach kids everything there is to know, you have to cherry pick which information you think is important to help them take care of themselves and be upstanding citizens.

While they need to know how to read, write, use a computer, and do their taxes, being able to fix a car is also pretty important. It costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get a mechanic to fix things that you could do at home if you had the know-how. If you want your kids to be inquisitive about how things work and give them a little push into learning about cars, then the Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set could be an excellent new toy for your tiny tots.

Through this play set, they’ll be able to pop the hood, change the oil, and mess around in the engine. There are removable parts and pieces such as spark plugs and wing nuts, and they can do normal tasks such as changing the air filter, checking the oil levels, or test the brakes. There’s a working horn and headlights that need three AAA batteries to work, and it comes with kid-sized tools. This will cost you $119.95, but could start your child on the path to becoming a mechanic, or at least be knowledgeable enough to know when to need one.

Available for purchase on Hammacher