Car Interior Preheater

With winter’s chill headed our way in select countries, it goes without saying that keeping warm is one of the priorities this season – and doing so in style is an even better idea. Well, for those of us who do not have the luxury of a heated garage, parking our cars outside of our houses without any form of heating could prove to be torture to get into, especially during those super cold mornings. Enter the $119.95 Car Interior Preheater – where this programmable heater is capable of helping defrost your automobile’s windshield, while making sure the interior warms up before you even open the door and drop your bottom on the seat.
This is a battery-powered device which can be recharged, and will not draw power from the car as it can also be set to automatically turn on up to 20 minutes before you enter the car. A couple of heat vents will tilt 180ยบ in order to direct the hot air onto the windshield, or to send it throughout the car. Resting on the dashboard, there is virtually no need for any installation. It juices up in just four hours – making it a winter essential.