Car cassette player accepts iPod


Take a look around and you will notice that iPod docks are dime a dozen, which is also the same case for FM transmitters that target the car and iPod. Is there any other alternative for those who want to listen to their favorite tunes stored on their iPods without using an FM transmitter? That question has been answered by user JPPadula who has plenty of time and an inexhaustible amount of passion to create one of the most brilliant iPod cradle units anyone has seen so far to date. He did not use some form of new-fangled material to create this dock, but relied on what most people would call a relic of vehicles from a previous era – the humble cassette player.

JPPadula took the time and trouble to modify an OEM cassette player, making it accept an iPod effortlessly. All the user needs to do is to slide it in like a normal cassette and start enjoying his/her favorite songs. Once you’re done and parked your car, press the eject button, and your iPod will slide out effortlessly just like an ordinary cassette. He has also included custom made Apple button controls which allow you to select the source on a Kenwood deck via the iPod interface.

This entire project fits into any OEM cassette player with ease, and when you mount it, all your backlighting is retained. The chassis is made from steel stock lined with suede, while the cassette mechanism gear has been modified to accommodate the iPod. There is no word on whether JPPadula will be taking orders on this, but hardware manufacturers ought to make a beeline for his ingenuity and rope him into their team if just for this.

Source: Jalopnik