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Car Battery Tester should be in every toolbox

car-battery-testerI have heard it one too many times – if something can be measured, then for sure it can be improved. After all, we live in a society where improvement is always a priority, as we want to get better and better at how we do things, being more efficient and productive along the way, which gives birth to a slew of new devices including the Home Lie Detector Test. Whenever one travels, it is imperative that one makes all of the necessary preparations to ensure that the journey will be well equipped to meet any eventualities – and hence, this is where the $29.95 Car Battery Tester comes in handy.

The Car Battery Tester is as its name suggests, it will be able to monitor and display the battery level from inside the car. Using it is a snap – all that you have to do is to plug it into a car’s DC port and its LED screen will reveal the charge level and colored lights in order to provide easy-to-read battery status. Green stands for a full charge, yellow for within normal range, while red indicates the battery needs to be charged. Should it turn up blank, then the battery is officially dead. The device will also be able to check the functionality of the car’s alternator and shows if it is in normal working order or requires attention. You do realize that using this means your front DC port would be occupied, right?