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The Car Air Purifier will keep your car from smelling like you live in it

FRiEQ Car Air Freeshener

When you’re driving to and from work on a regular basis with a long commute, it starts to get a bit…stuffy. If you aren’t good about taking cups and trash out of your car, chances are you have quite the buildup of french fries and crumbs under your seat. While it’s easier to keep track of how often we clean our homes, the same is not so for our cars. You don’t vacuum it every week and wash the seats to have them smelling fresh.

It’s because of this that we need some methods to prevent our car from hoarding all the smells we bring into it. The FriEQ Car Air Purifier is going to freshen up what you breathe in while driving. It plugs into your 12v cigarette outlet, and rather than adding a scented perfume to your car, it will annihilate the source of the odors. It releases negative ions which will get rid of smoke or stale smells, take out mold, bacteria, and viruses.

It’s not very big, and has a blue LED to let you know when it’s on, as well as giving you a bit of extra light in your car. It will take up the outlet that would also charge your phone, but for cleaner air it’ll be worth it to switch out if you’re fully charged and needlessly sucking up energy. This is a $22.99 purchase that will likely yield results pretty quickly if your car is stinky. Of course, that’s if things aren’t to the point where you have to resort to pine tree-shaped fresheners in combination with this.

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