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Cape Audio rolls out Rebellion headphones

cape-audioA pair of headphones is something that all of us tend to own. The thing is, some of us are pretty much particular with the kind of hardware that we purchase, and it could end up being a very expensive purchase at the end of the day. Cape Audio has just the thing for the masses this time by offering its pair of Rebellion headphones, allowing one to enjoy flawless 3D spatial sound.

This is made possible thanks to the implementation of what Cape Audio deems to be the best in spatial 3D sound technologies, making the Rebellion headphones as the most advanced wireless, active noise-cancelling headphones on the market. This is a pretty big claim if you ask me, and hopefully the folks over at Cape Audio are able to back up such a claim.

Touted to be the first wireless, active noise-canceling spatial 3D headphones in the world, it has been designed and created with technology support from Coolhear Ltd., a global leader in spatial 3D sound technology. The Rebellion headphones deliver cutting-edge spatial 3D audio capabilities, outstanding Active Noise Control and state-of-the-art design for incredible ergonomics and all-day comfort, targeting music aficionados, movie lovers and gamers in one fell swoop.

Of course, there is no revolution at all if there is not a single major change done in the way that audio is heard, and Cape Audio pushes the envelope of existing headphone technology with the Rebellion headphones. Right smack at the center of Rebellion’s spatial sound processing would be Coolhear’s proprietary 3D sound chip that does complex algorithms and mathematical manipulations. This allows the hearer to get a grasp of sound come from behind, from the front, and from side to side for a completely immersive and realistic experience.

Not only that, head-related transfer function (HRTF) algorithms have also been incorporated to elevate 2D audio into 360°, top-down and spherical 3D sound. The speaker drivers will incorporate a proprietary honeycomb design, letting them be angled to be slightly parallel to the listener’s auricular surface, and works in tandem with the Voice Coil Stabilization System (VCSS) to reduce incidental vibrations. Any takers?

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