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Capcom Running Mega Man Statue ain’t no Running Man

running-megamanCapcom’s robot fighter known as Mega Man has thrilled children and video game fans for decades, and it has gained a cult following along the way to boot. The thing is, with the world of 3D gaming as well as the advent of virtual reality, 2D side scrollers have lost their charm, and audiences – or gamers in this case, would require more and more to make you feel interested in the game. However, true fans will remain as true fans – and Capcom’s Mega Man is back in the form of the Capcom Running Mega Man Statue.

You will be able to pick from the standard or variant edition, where you will end up with all 13″ of Blue Bomber-y goodness, making it perfect for any holiday gift as the season of giving is fast looming down upon us. Since Doctor Wily is up to no good again, as he builds up an army of evil cyborgs to take over the world, it is up to Mega Man to ensure the safety of the world thanks to his trusty Plasma Buster. There will be 1,000 units of the standard version, and 550 of the variant edition, and each of them come with a hand-numbered base and has authenticity card to boot. Powered by a trio of AA batteries for the variant edition, you will have to fork out north of $200 for either model.

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