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The Cantiliever Flatwear keeps your food germ-free

Cantilever flatware

Whenever I sit down to eat a meal, I always make sure there’s a napkin on the table under my silverware. The way that forks and spoons are shaped means that they are bound to touch the table, which will have to be wiped down, or have the tablecloth washed afterwards. If you’re eating out, you have absolutely no idea how clean the table actually is, and what bacteria or germs might be hiding there.

If you would prefer to use utensils that won’t touch the surface of the table, this Cantilever Flatware can help. It is made of stainless steel with one side meant to face up, and the other resting on the table. The angles make it so that the tines of the fork, tip of the spoon, and edge of the knife will hover centimeters away from possible contamination.

Of course, it is impossible to keep all germs off of these, but it will certainly help in keeping things tidy. This way the only thing that will be touching your utensils is your food. These are sold in a set with one fork, knife, and spoon for $24.95. That is pretty steep considering it is three pieces of silverware, but they are made for a specific purpose. It will definitely make germophobes happier, as this could be the set they take with them to eat everywhere.

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