Canon introduces new printers


Canon is a household name when it comes to printer technology, and this time round they have unveiled a couple more PIXMA Wireless Photo All-In-One (AIO) printers, alongside a new PIXMA Inkjet Business Printer with PgR technology and a SELPHY Compact Photo Printer with a new voice guidance system. Depending on your needs, there is a PIXMA available to fill those so why not head on after the jump to know more about each individual printer in greater detail?

What makes the SELPHY ES40 Compact Photo Printer so different from the rest is its ability to offer step-by-step instructions for printing as well as adding graphics to images without the need for a manual, making it easy even for grandad to do so, thanks to its voice guidance system (hopefully a female voice). which provides step-by-step instructions for printing and adding graphics to images without having to rely on a manual. Other features include a large 3.5″ LCD display and Easy Scroll Wheel that makes printing and navigating through menus and images a whole lot more intuitive compared to its predecessors. You can also personalize your photos with new frames and clip art that are pre-loaded under the Creative Print function to unleash your creative juices on the spot. The Canon SELPHY ES40 Compact Photo Printer will retail for $149.99.

As for the PIXMA MP990 and PIXMA MP640 Wireless Photo AIO printers, they come with the Auto Photo Fix II feature that allows users to correct the photos before they’re even printed out, kissing goodbye to common photo errors including underexposed images. Auto Photo Fix II is smart enough to help you out with features including Multi-Zone Exposure Correction, improvements in overall face detection, scene analysis, plus brightness and saturation correction.

The inclusion of PgR technology on the Canon PIXMA iX7000 Inkjet Business Printer allows one to recreate professional-looking documents in-house without forking out a fortune – we think this would be good for small and growing businesses, but huge corporations ought to look elsewhere for a heavy duty multi purpose printer. The PIXMA iX7000 printer is tipped to retail for $399.99.

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